All our themed workshops offer a fantastic creating enjoyment in a fun and exciting atmosphere with a different theme for each evening.
Although these are suggestions you can make whatever you feel like making. You are free to experiment.

Below you will see links to the various themed workshops with details and dates via workshop dates. We offer workshops in the evenings, mornings and afternoons with some especially for private parties, team building and school programmes. Remember you can make anything on any day Be free to experiment. We are there to help

We close on Sundays and Mondays but you can book on these days if you have a private party. Ring 021616900 or email at for Tauranga and Hamilton.

The price for workshops is $48per adult and $35per child. This includes the tutor, clay and paint, glaze, firing. A free glass of wine or juice (evening workshops) to get you in the mood. Private lessons and wheel lessons individual or group is on demand and can be arranged.