Welcome to the booking page. If you want to ask a question you can either phone on 021616900 or email at sam@potterystudio.co.nz. The Pottery Studio looks forward to you attending one of our unique and fun workshops. See you there. The price for this workshop is $48per adult and $35per child. This includes the tutor, clay and paint, glaze, firing. A free glass of wine or juice to get you in the mood.

GIFT VOUCHERS: Never too late to get that special gift voucher. Can be used anytime during the year. Contact sam@potterystudio.co.nz for details


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Please Note: We are closed on Sunday and Monday unless with a group (over 6 persons), special or private workshop.
PLEASE tick the correct TIME. These are the basic workshop times. Special times for groups and days can be arranged by phoning 021616900 or email penny at sam@potterystudio.co.nz
Multiply $48 per adult attending
Multiply $35 per child attending.