Gift Cards are a great way to give presents for all kinds of reasons. The cards can be for one person for one workshop or multiple people for many workshops. They come in adult gift cards for $48 and children under 16 year for $35.
Bookings can be made at any time for any workshop and include the tutor, clay, glazing and firing and lots of fun
They can be used at any time and there is no use by date on them. We send them by email and suggest you print them down on photo paper. This way they look very good

email Sam at


Congratulations on getting The Pottery Studio

You can now make objects out of clay, decorate them with underglaze colours and
return your creation for glazing and firing in our Studio kilns.
This kit includes:
1 kg of stoneware clay
underglaze colours
2 paint brushes
A needle tool
2 sculpting tools
A pottery sponge

It is useful to add your initials or another form of mark on your pot for future identification. You can carve it into the clay when it is still wet.
Take a photo of your finished piece before returning it for your record. It is ready to be returned once the underglaze has dried. Wrap it carefully for transport and bring it back to us for firing.
We will let you know when your work is ready for collection, generally, 3 to 4 weeks after delivery.
Have a play! It’s a lot of fun! If you don’t like what you made, you can start again (before your paint).

Please click on this link to see full instructions for your takeaway kit

Take Away Clay Kit Instructions

 Contact  or drop into one of the studios at Tauranga, or Hamilton

The price for the takeaway kit is $50pp. This includes the tools, clay and paint, then glazing and firing.