Sophie Evans


Penny at a workshop

I have always enjoyed clay ever since I was a little a girl and my first serious experience with clay was at Whitecliffe Art School where I studied for a Diploma in Art and Design. I’m very lucky that I’m able to continue to study Ceramics through Otago Polytechnic.
The process of making with clay I find very meditational. Being in The Satellite Studios is a great time to develop my range, experiment with my jewelery range and get a feel for what people like. Next year I will be in my final year of my Ceramic Diploma which will be self directed and I will be finely tuning my techniques, style and production.
The last 3 years employed as a sculptor have been really amazing and my ceramic skills and knowledge have taken a huge leap foreword.

My husband and I spent 7 years traveling and living in London, Wales and Australia. I always admired the many sculptures we saw in our travels and was lucky enough to have some amazing ceramic mentors that were happy to share their knowledge. My work has a fluid look to it, which is organic and naturalistic.I have two work stations set up in my studio so if you pop in for a visit I could be working on my wheel making mugs, salad bowls and ramekins or at my table making jewellery, coasters & spoons.