Penny Cass

penny photo

Penny at a workshop

I work with clay, creating visual interpretations of natural and man-made items with their shapes and textures providing a rich source for the three dimensional ability of ceramics. The objective is not to re-create nature or the source items, but to reflect on their essence and their play with shadow, form and colour. Exploring the effects gained by the use of coloured slips, under-glazes stoneware clays and glazes; combined with sgraffito and textural additions; the forms developed may be practical, sculptural and sometimes a combination of both.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world, and observed and participated in pottery techniques, designs and finishes. After watching many highly experienced artists including National Treasures, it is great to be able to put into practice and add my own creative input to my work. This has been very satisfying. I do like to think outside the square with an example being my work based on shoe design. This is a work in progress as is my large pots which give me great pleasure when working with such large and challenging work.